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Marathon Pace
Minutes Per Mile
Miles Per Hour
Heart Rate
Travel Distance
Unit Conversion
Temp Conversion
Factor & Root
Loan Payment
Future Value

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Pace and Training
Marathon Pace:   Enter your target finishing time for a marathon to calculate the required pace in minutes per mile.
Minutes per Mile:   Enter any distance in miles and your finishing time to calculate your pace in minutes per mile.
Miles per Hour: Enter any distance in miles and your finishing time to calculate your pace in miles per hour.
Heart Rate:   Enter your age, resting heart rate and gender to calculate three different training zone values.
Health and Diet
Calorie: Enter your weight in pounds and the number of miles run to obtain total calorie expenditure.
Travel Distance: Need to know how far to a particular race?   Enter start and destination city for distance in miles or kilometers.
Unit Conversion: This calculator converts all English measurment units to metric and vice versa.
Temperature Conversion:  F to C or C to F.
Factor and Root:  Enter a number to calculate its square, square root, cube and cube root.
Loan Payment: Runners need loans, too.  Enter loan amount, term and interest rate to calculate monthly payment.
Future Value: Enter a dollar value, interest rate and number of years to determine future value and interest earned.